‘First Things First’: Daniel Cormier previews UFC 217, talks Conor McGregor

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Daniel Cormier joins Nick and Cris to talk UCF 217.

- Is the sport as big as it's been in a long time? Or highlighted more now just because of McGregor's fight?

- You know there was a boom, right? So there was a boom in the beginning when Anderson Silva and those guys were kind of coming through. And then it slowed down.

And then McGregor hit. He was almost like-- he's like a shooting star. He was something that you didn't expect coming. And to get a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

And then people will talk about, well, he's in over his head. But guys in boxing, guys that have fought in the Olympics, they would die for a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

- Yes.

- And this kid with no experience got it because of his star power. And yeah, it did shine a light on the sport. And having a guy like George St-Pierre coming back, it just keeps it rolling.

- Wait. Hold on. Who else do you think could have fought? Who would you want to see?

- A better matchup.

- Yeah.

- I mean, there are a ton of guys. There are tons of guys that are boxers that would have wanted that fight. But Conor McGregor is just a star, man. Nobody's bigger, right? Nobody's bigger than Conor .

- You want that.