Cris Carter reacts to Houston’s win: ‘The Astros did what they’ve done all season’

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Cris Carter and Nick Wright react to the critical role pitching played in the Houston Astros' GM 7 World Series title win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

JENNA WOLFE: Was there a part of you that thought, can you imagine-- I know, hindsight-- but, can you imagine if you started Kershaw right off the bat? What would have happened?

CRIS CARTER: Not on three days. I think--

JENNA WOLFE: Even though you saw what he did last night?

CRIS CARTER: Well, you still have to-- well, I mean, it's easy to say. But who are they going to go to next? Because whoever they go to next can be touched up too.


CRIS CARTER: So they could have-- he could have got four shutout innings, but the game's not over with. But they were throwing the best pitchers they had at the Astros, and the Astros-- their bats were just better. You know, typically, in this situation, we say, oh great pitching? It will come, it will-- it will supersede great hitting.

But the Astros and what they-- the Astros did what they've done throughout the season. So seeing that in Game 7 wasn't a surprise. Now, they hadn't been able to hit in Dodger Stadium in the three previous games. But this is the Astros team that we saw in 2017.

NICK WRIGHT: And-- and Jenna, they acquired Yu Darvish--

JENNA WOLFE: Just for this.

NICK WRIGHT: --so they wouldn't-- I mean, listen. I understand that Sandy Koufax, 50 years ago, started on two days rest. But that's not something that happens anymore.


NICK WRIGHT: Like that-- it's just period, point blank. That's not something that you see happen anymore. And they-- the-- the same reason the Astros went and got Justin Verlander, the Dodgers went and got Yu Darvish.


NICK WRIGHT: And I understand, the one guy pitched brilliantly this post-season and in this World Series.


NICK WRIGHT: And one guy pitched his-- maybe his two worst games as a Dodger in the World Series. But the-- you-- I think-- that is, I'm all for second guessing. I think saying they should have started Kershaw--

JENNA WOLFE: I was just curious.

NICK WRIGHT: No, no, no. I know you're not saying it.

JENNA WOLFE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

NICK WRIGHT: But other people are saying it and wondering, hey, if he could go those four innings-- and by the way, he didn't look tired.


NICK WRIGHT: They took him out just because his spot was coming up in the order, and they needed some offense. Kershaw looked awesome. But, I mean, I understood why they trusted Darvish there.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, but also Kershaw-- coming in, trying to stop a rally, compared to starting the game, the amount of pressure that was on him-- I mean, there really wasn't any pressure. They had a huge lead when he came into the game.