Cris Carter: ‘I’m terrified for the Patriots!’

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Cris Carter explains to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why the Jimmy Garoppolo trade to the San Francisco 49ers has cast an ominous cloud on the future of a Tom Brady-led New England Patriots squad.

- Now what they've decided, they're starting to believe in Tom and what he said last year and a half, how he wants to play into his 40s, all right? But what I see New England doing is, they're trying to maximize the time in the squad that they have. They've traded away a bunch of draft picks this off-season to try to get veteran players.

They're trying to do like the NBA and get older players and win right now. And also realize in the Garoppolo deal, where they offered him a long-term contract this off-season, he wouldn't take it. They knew he would be leaving as an unrestricted free agent. They knew they couldn't put their franchise tag on him. All this is good. But I'm terrified for the Patriots now.

You know the reason why? Because this has been a season like no season I've seen, and I've been covering the league, been associated with this league for over 30 years. And the horrific injuries. Aaron Rodgers, a lot better athlete than Tom Brady. A lot better athlete. We're seeing the freakish number of injuries that you just can't, you can't understand.

- Of their star players.

- I mean star players. I mean J.J. watts out. OBJ is out.

- Jason Peters.

- I mean, we're talking about young players. I mean players in their prime. So when you talking about having one quarterback on your roster and he's 40 years old, like I just hope that they didn't make a critical mistake in this year not having a competent backup.

Because you're talking about something that would change the NFL and change the course of the season. If Tom Brady gets nicked or he gets hurt, they're at the mercy. I mean they don't have anyone. Their season's over with, even with only two losses.