Ezekiel Elliott continues to impress Nick Wright on the field

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Nick Wright talks Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott after Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins.

- What does that say?

- Zeke 14 yards.

- To have 150 yards when your longest run is 14. That is more impressive to me than busting off a 40-yarder and a 35-yarder. It means, to Chris's point, gut shot, gut shot. I'm getting six yards, I'm getting four and 1/2 yards, I'm getting seven yards.

It was just relentlessly effective without any monster play. It wasn't the week before, where he goes 75 up the sideline on the screen pass. It was nope, guess what? We're going to be like we were last year.

- Yes.

- In second and six. And then we're going to be in third and two. And then we're going have a first down. Because Ezekiel Elliott is going to be dominant. Chris and I have gone back and forth about where Dak is in the hierarchy of NFL quarterbacks. Chris likes Dak. I love Dak. And I am not saying you dislike him or anything. it's just I believe him to be maybe closer to an elite quarterback than you do.

- He's not the Dushaun Watson.

- Well, so, what I watched in watching the NFL yesterday, and Dak didn't have a good game and they won anyway. Watched the NFL and I said OK, there's a lot of quarterbacks, at least yesterday, that could have done what Dak did. Man, I can count on less than one hand how many running backs could have done what Zeke did.

Like with Zeke yesterday, it was, he showed you the difference between a good running back and the tier he's in, which there's only a couple other guys in that tier.