Nick Wright: ‘This might have been the best World Series game ever’

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Nick Wright explains why Game 5 between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros might have been the greatest World Series game of all time.

- It was definitely one of the best. It might have been the single best baseball game, given the stakes, that I've ever seen. The turning point game of the World Series. Series tied at two. Winner of game five. Goes on to win more than three out of four times. Like, this was such an enormous game. And there were multiple moments for each team that you thought the game was over.

- Right.

- Dodgers are up 4-0 with Kershaw on the mound. It's over. Kershaw gets lit up a bit, but then the Dodgers go up 7-4. It's over again. Then when the Astros go up 11-8. Well now it's definitely over. How about when the Astros were up 12-9? It's over-- and it never was. Like-- what an absolutely remarkable baseball game that we got to see.

And we are-- it's not a prisoner of the moment to say it might be the best World Series game ever. I know in the last few years, there's in 2011, when the Cardinals were down to their final strike of their season multiple times, last year's game seven was unbelievable. But this is on the very short list, if not at the top of the list.

- From the beginning to the end, we started the highlight package at the 7th inning.

- Yeah.

- I know.

- But, you can't forget the beginning. I mean, this is the game that's potentially going to decide the World Series. Kershaw is up 4-0. So his inability, which didn't even make the storyline, to build to hold a 4-0 lead, given his lack of overall playoff success.

But this is two of the best teams in baseball. Very seldom do we ever get that in the World Series. And now, we're getting a classic World Series. I believe the Dodgers lost the World Series last night. I mean, they had a great opportunity. They're coming back home for two games. Houston has been two different teams, home and away. Houston's bats are able to come alive, which we've seen throughout the regular season. They lead the major leagues in hitting.

So, we expected to see that. But what-- two or three comebacks. In the Dodgers bullpen, they had been pitching at an unprecedented level, right? 28 scoreless innings. Now to have Houston be able to get to their bullpen. Again, I mean-- I've been alive a lot longer than you. And I grew up on the Big Red Machine. I grew up with the Yankees. This is definitely the best game that I can say for the World Series, from the beginning to the end. Amazing, amazing. And I think it's even going to get better now once we go back to LA.

- I think we all thought that there was just going to be a tiny bit of dramatic drop off when the Yankees were ousted, right? Oh, it would've been great to see what Aaron Judge could do. It would've been great-- what a great story. Would have been Yankees Dodgers. I don't think anyone thought that Dodgers Astros would have lived up to the billing that that other series would have. And it has more than done that.

You talked about the starting pitch, and I think after game four, the Astros said, you know, it would really help our bullpen if we just scored 10 runs every game. It's basically what they're doing. Their offense on both teams has been spectacular. Game four, I think we started the highlights in the ninth inning. Game five, we started highlights in the seventh inning, because this has been late game dramatics, which has done wonders for the sport, because they needed it. I think someone talked about whether the balls were like, I don't know, they were greased or something.

- They do have different-- not greased. It's just, they're using different balls.

- The labelling. The labelling--

- I don't know if that affects anything. But, yes, please, and more of. And it has done nothing but-- I mean, these just looked like little kids playing baseball last night. And it was so fun as a fan to watch it.

- Here's the thing. We talk about, in football, how people appreciate and love defense. But nobody is calling that 6-3 Alabama LSU game from-- it was actually the day I got engaged my wife, now that I think of it-- that date, whatever date that is, honey, shout out to you-- seven years ago, eight years ago, however long ago it was.

- That was the day it started on downhill.

- Nobody thinks about that as like, an old time classic.

- Right.

- I know people like the Jack Morris 1-0 shut out. OK, yeah. We appreciate that. But you know the football game people are talking about today? Seahawks, Texans, cause all those damn touchdowns. The baseball game. Yeah, 13-12, with a boatload of home runs. We'll take it.

- We'll take it.

- It is-- and, to CC's point about the bullpen, man, you go 28 scoreless innings heading into the World Series from the bullpen. And then in game two, Kenley Jansen and Morrow get touched up.

- Yes.

- In game four, now Kenley didn't have the benefit of pitching with a lead. But in game four, it's a tied game. Kenley Jansen gives up the game winning RBI single. Like, all of a sudden, when the Dodgers now have no margin of error, when you thought, well games are over if they lead after seven, you no longer feel that way.

- One of the stories with the World Series for me will always be-- and not only the World Series, but also Houston. What the people have gone through.

- Yeah.

- And suffering through that hurricane, and the tragic storm. Man, how you do you think they felt last night? I mean, and the Astros are able to bring them a championship in this horrific year? What a story that would be.