If the Steelers want to be elite this is what they should do with Martavis Bryant

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Cris Carter on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Martavis Bryant after their Sunday night game against the Detroit Lions.

CRIS CARTER: Well, this is the situation for Pittsburgh. They really have a great opportunity because like I said last week, if Pittsburgh wants to be an elite team with an extraordinary offensive, they should keep Martavius. They shouldn't trade him, I don't care how unhappy is.

Know the reason why? Because he's an elite receiver playing outside the numbers. He's a deep threat, he runs good routes. You can also run a lot of short passes with him because he's one of the rare players that has deep speed and is a deep threat. But he's a very good runner with the football so he gets a lot of yards after the catch.

What did we see JuJu do last night? And where did we see him play from? He played well. But he played well from the slot. So you could have Martavius outside, Antonio outside, and JuJu in the slot with L Bell and Ben. You think New England wants to face them? You think one of the other teams in AFC wants to face them in the playoffs? No. JuJu is here to stay. All right?

He came out of school one year early. He should have been a first round pick. Didn't have a great junior year but he's a first round talent. He has the skill level. Also, he has a very, very high football IQ. How do I know that? Because I see them moving him around in the formation. Any time they bench a guy and they give that young player the opportunity. But Martavius, he overplayed his hand.


CRIS CARTER: He thought that he was worth more to the Pittsburgh Steelers than he really is.