Nick Wright on the Cavaliers: ‘This is the worst team LeBron James has been on’

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Nick Wright discusses the current state of the Cleveland Cavaliers, detailing that despite LeBron James' stats playing without an injured Isaiah Thomas, a lackluster Kevin Love and absent ancillary scoring options have solidified this Cavs' squad as the worst team The King has been on since 2007.

- It seems like he could really use some more help, like maybe another player.

- As we sit here today, with the Cavs as they are presently constituted, this is the worst team LeBron has been on since the 2006 team he took to the NBA finals, and got swept by-- or 2007, pardon me, and got swept by San Antonio. It is the worst team he's been on since that season. And I'm shocked I'm saying that. But I'm saying that in part because Isaiah Thomas is injured. I'm saying that in part, because Derrick Rose is injured.

- Right.

- Because Dwayne Wade has all of a sudden looked like--

- He's bruised up.

- But he also, before he was bruised up, first three games of the year, he looked like he had deteriorated quickly. But most importantly, and most disappointingly, Kevin Love is yet to seize this opportunity. Kevin Love went from being the best player on bad teams in Minnesota to the third best player on really good teams in Cleveland.