Cris Carter explains why Ohio State fans should be ‘terrified’ of Penn State

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Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenn Wolfe discuss the No. 6 Ohio State - No. 2 Penn State college football matchup.

- As an Ohio State fan, you have to be terrified of what Penn State has shown. And it's not only this season. It's what they've done the last 2 and 1/2 years. Last year, Ohio State trying to get into the college playoff loss to Penn State. So there is a revenge factor there. But, what I'm looking at is one of the great programs in college sports. It's like-- it's like Nick Saban when he went to Alabama, when Urban Meyer decided to come back to Ohio. These kind of schools, when they get the right coach, Harbaugh going to Michigan, James Franklin coming to Penn State based on what they've been through, having the program as the number two ranked team, finishing last season, unbelievable with the bowl game.

So now the nation is starting to see the resurgence of Penn State. And we're so happy to have them in the Big 10. So we have three teams in the top six. So who's the best conference in college football? It used to be the SEC for 10 years. But now it's the Big 10. So I'm excited to showcase--


- Very gracious, Chris Carter.

- CC, I understand it's a great coaching match up between arguably the best coach in college football, Urban Meyer, and arguably the best young up and coming coach in James Franklin. I understand it's two of the best defenses in the country. I know Saquon Barkley, the Heisman front runner is going to be out there. But what I am most excited for, what I want to see more than anything is the quarterback for Ohio State. Because I think JT Barrett has an opportunity to rewrite this chapter of his legacy. Let's-- with JT, his freshman year, we thought this was a guy that was going to be-- join you as a first team All-American, maybe a multiple time first team All-American. He was unbelievable as a freshman. And then we saw this season against Oklahoma. It looked like that was the weak point of the team was that passing attack.

Well all of a sudden now, you can erase that Oklahoma loss with a win. You can put yourself back in the driver's seat for the college football playoff with a win. And JT Barrett, who has struggled against top five opponents, can at home, against the top five opponent. What I would like to see him do is go out there and recapture some of the magic we saw from his freshman season. If he does that, Ohio State is going to win this football game. Because one thing we know about Ohio State under Urban Meyer, they score at least 25 points, they're unbeatable. And so that's what I'm looking for on Saturday.

- Yeah, JT. JT has had an unbelievable career. He's the only three time captain in the history of this school. I think we've been playing football over 125 years. So that speaks for itself. But also, if you look at the collection of talent. You know, Cardell was here. You know? And Braxton Miller was here. He also got injured. So his career-- he seems like he's been in college football for 10 years. But with that having a new offensive coordinator, going into his senior year, we thought that it would revamp the passing game.