Nick Wright reacts to Patriots’ Dont’a Hightower’s injury: ‘This is a huge loss’

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Nick Wright reacts to Pro Bowl LB Dont'a Hightower's season-ending injury and how that will effect Tom Brady and the New England Patriots moving forward.

- Hightower is the guy, that in the last two Super Bowl wins for the Patriots, made the biggest defensive plays of the game. Like, people talk about Malcolm Butler's interception, the play before that in the Seattle game. When they did run Marshawn Lynch, who's the guy that tripped up Marshawn Lynch on the goal line that allowed Malcolm Butler's interception? Dont'a Hightower. When they're trying to come back against the Falcons, who's the guy that has the forced fumble on Matt Ryan? It was ?

- Dont'a Hightower.

- Good job, Jenna.


- I mean, so, this is their most talented front seven defensive player. Their most important front seven defensive player. And this is an area, by the way, Belichick knew going into the season, they were thin at. That's why he traded the draft pick for Kony Ealy. It's why they drafted Derek Rivers in their first pick, it was the third round, but he's done for the season. Ninkovich retired obviously, so all of a sudden, their best player at their weakest area. Front seven of the Pats' defense is the weakest area of their team, I would say only markedly above average guy, is now done for the year? This is a huge loss.