Nick Wright on Cleveland: ‘The Cavs are a mess right now’

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Nick Wright examines the current issues with LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers, saying that apart from The King's play, the Cavs look like a mess.

- Yes they'll be OK to get to the point because eight teams make the playoffs in each conference. The East isn't very good. But the reality is the Cavs right now are a mess. The Cavs right now are LeBron James, who is showing again in year 15 he's the best player in the world by a wide margin. He was an outstanding point guard again last night in his second start at point guard in over a decade.

But he was the only player on the Cavs last night who was above average, and LeBron himself had eight turnovers, and he was showing some frustration with that. If you watched the game, some of the frustration was LeBron as point guard was throwing what should have been perfect passes to empty space because guys weren't going where they should go.

But the big issue with the Cavs right now is they've given up 17 three pointers in each of the last three games against three bad opponents. I mean, they played the Chicago Bulls. They played the Brooklyn Nets, teams that should be competing for the number one overall pick. They, they are--

Kevin Love has been OK. The second-best player on the Cavs this year has either been Jeff Green or Kyle Korver. JR Smith, my pal, has been terrible. Derrick Rose hurt. Dwayne Wade didn't play last night. Jose Calderon is no longer an NBA player. Like, they-- the Cavs right now absent of LeBron would be the worst team in the league or on the very short list. And so, yeah, they need to play better. There's no question about that.