Nick Wright on LeBron James: ‘I’m convinced more than ever he will finish as the all time leading scorer’

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Nick Wright examines LeBron James' stellar performance, detailing that not only will The King pass Kareem as the NBA's all-time leading scorer, he will also finish his career in the top three assist leaders.

- I am now more convinced than I've ever been that LeBron James is going to finish his career as the NBA's all time leading scorer, passing Kareem, and top three all time assists. And why did last night show it to me?

Because last night showed me this guy can play till he's 40, 41, 42. Because, eventually, the athleticism will leave LeBron James, but last night, in his first game as a starting point guard in over a decade, what did he show? He can stand 35 feet away from the basket, and have the biggest impact of anyone on the court on the game.

Like once the athleticism leaves him, he's going to need about another seven years to catch Kareem, probably another 5 and 1/2 to pass Magic Johnson and be come top three all time in assists. And the athleticism will leave him before that, but his play making ability won't, his mind won't. And he, at 13 assists, eight of those were on three pointers. Like they're not cheap assists. They're the most valuable assists you can get.

So the Cavs needed it, by the way, because they're a mess right now. The Bulls are terrible. And this was another game where they were trailing double digits in the first quarter. But LeBron and four shooters will always be an unstoppable offensive.