Here’s why Nick Wright says Clayton Kershaw deserved to win Game 1 of the World Series

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Nick Wright explains why Los Angeles Dodgers P Clayton Kershaw deserved to get his 1st World Series game win last night against the Houston Astros.

NICK WRIGHT: I'm so happy that Kershaw did what he did last night, because he deserved it.


I-- sometimes we get lost in the moment. And this guy is the greatest ever, that guy is the greatest ever. You know I have-- I'm the guy that says that about LeBron. So people maybe take other greatest ever comments by me with a grain of salt. But I-- the numbers say Clayton Kershaw in the regular season is the greatest pitcher we have ever seen in the last hundred years. Does anyone have a better ERA than him? No.

ANCHOR: Few would disagree with you.

NICK WRIGHT: In the last hundred years, has anyone-- does anyone have a better whip than him? No. Has anyone ever had more than seven straight sub 3 ERA seasons? No, but Kershaw's got nine of them. Like, you can go down the list of every reason this guy in the regular season has been the best pitcher-- not just of the modern era, but of any era.

But the playoff knock was a fair one, even if it was just a few bad innings against the Cardinals and a couple of bad pitches in one game. The-- to have a career ERA of 2 and 1/2 and a postseason ERA of 4 and 1/2, that's a real thing, which is why I was so happy last night. Because this was the biggest game of his life.