Cris Carter reveals how Tom Brady’s Patriots get better during the course of the season

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Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe how Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have remained being the definitive NFL dynasty over the last decade.

CRIS CARTER: The Patriots will continue-- I will take last year's Super Bowl as my evidence. All right? Down 28 to 3. Oh, they're done. The Patriots are always improving. All right? That's the process that they go to. Philadelphia, they hashtagged the process, but the real process, it's in New England. This team takes the first month of the season, and they get better. They analyze their team. They self-scout. Figure out what their players can do, what they can't do, and they don't believe in the carryover from last year, given injuries. They start the season anew.

So in October, they're a different team. They're going to be at least two or three different teams during the course of the season. They will be a different team from Halloween to Thanksgiving. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, they'll be a different team trying to get ready for the playoffs. I'll say wow, this is a tedious process. That's the reason why they are the current dynasty that we have in sports. That's the reason why they dominated the last 15 years in the NFL because they're forever changing, forever evolving, and not believing in what they've seen and this being a finished product, believing that they can get better.

And at the end of the day, when you have Tom Brady either horse or not horse, all right, this team will continue to improve. The players that we saw playing man-to-man coverage the first month, what have they done the last few weeks? Not a whole bunch--

NICK WRIGHT: They switch a zone.

CRIS CARTER: Not a whole bunch of man-to-man. Who's going to get the carries running the ball? We don't know because they're going to continue to experiment and continue to evolve as a football team. This is what Bill Belichick-- This is what he believes in, and he has bred that into the team that the team believes in it, so they know that they're going to change a couple of times.