Here’s why Nick Wright isn’t sold on Dwyane Wade on the Cavaliers

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Nick Wright discusses with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why he feels Dwayne Wade made the right decision by telling Ty Lue he should come off the Cavs' bench rather than start with LeBron James.

- The offense was borderline unwatchable the first five minutes of each game they played because it was so congested in the paint. And Wade was awful. And I want to make this clear.

- But you're not surprised though, Nate.

- That Wade was awful? I was surprised.

- But you're not surprised at the play because when Wade signed, they didn't trade for him, he signed his unrestricted free agent, you thought that they were going to have problems spacing on the court.

- I thought he should be coming off the bench, 100% right.

- Right, from the beginning, OK.

- No, I thought it was, and I didn't think it would last, him in the starting line. I thought he got to be a starter just out of deference to one of the 25 greatest players ever, a three time champion, like that's what I thought it was.

And I thought there would be spacing problems because Dwayne can't shoot threes and you're removing JR Smith who is one of your better three point shooters. What I didn't expect was Wade to be unplayably bad. Wade, all of last season, only had six single digit scoring performances. He has three in his first three games this year.

Wade was not going to be the Dwayne Wade of old, but Dwayne Wade last year was 18 points a game, won 43% shooting. This year he's six points a game on 28% shooting. So he may be needed a fresh start as well here, like maybe even come off the bench and be the leader coming off the bench because he was bad in the starting.

- Yeah, Dwayne Wade is one part of the story and it is best for this team moving forward. All right, number one it's spacing, but also Dwayne Wade can not chase the two guards in the NBA for 82 games. He does not have the legs. He is not the player to be doing that. And if he does that, he will not be ready in the playoffs. People say well all those reps will help him. No, it will wear him down.

He does not have the type of body for that. This is the best move for Dwayne Wade as far as his career. He's still going to be one of the greatest players ever, but if he wants to get the championship number four, it's going to be with him coming off the bench. JR is a better player than Dwayne Wade at this point in their careers, and he's better for the Cavs.

Let's not forget, if Dwayne Wade starts at the two, let's not forget who's starting at the one for the next two or three months. That's Derrick Rose. So now they got two non-shooters at the one and the two, and LeBron at the three. That is not the best lineup for the Cavs moving forward.