Mark Schlereth: ‘I don’t have any issue saying the Eagles are the best team in football’

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Mark Schlereth explains to Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why he feels Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in the NFL.

- For the last couple of weeks, besides the last two weeks, we thought Kansas City was one of the more complete teams in this league.

- Sure.

- Would you now look at the Eagles and say, they are the most complete team, both sides of the ball, quarterback, everything?

- I don't have any issues saying that the Eagles are the best team in football right now. And the Patriots are hot on their heels. And if they continue to figure things out, I'll put the Patriots over the Eagles.

But listen, you know, it's interesting. Because you talk to them, and one of the issues with them is they understand, they've built their football team. They understand what they can and can't do. And it was interesting to me to talk to the coaching staff and talk about Lane Johnson, the importance of Lane Johnson. Also, to talk about with the way they wanted to build their offensive line, and how important it was to keep their offensive line together. Because of the division.

- How big of a loss is Jason Peters, then?

- Jason Peters is huge. It's a gigantic loss. Because he is, in my mind, the best left tackle in football. And one of the reasons they kept both those guys, they were like, yeah, eventually, we'll take Lane Johnson and move him to left tackle. He's that athletic. But the division we play, we play pass rushers in Khalil Mack and the Oakland Raiders, and in Von Miller this year for the AFC West.

- In the cross divisional matches.

- The Chargers, yeah. And so, not only in the NFC East do we have great pass rushers. But the division, across divisional match up that you mentioned, we face great pass rushers. That's why they wanted both of those guys bookends. So that certainly is going to hurt them a lot.