Nick Wright on Carson Wentz: ‘He looks like one of the best quarterbacks in football’

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Nick Wright explains why he believes Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz is an elite quarterback.

- As I was attempting to say, I've now seen enough. We watched a game together, I think it was week one or week two, CC, where Wentz just kept us escaping--

- Yes.

- --making very--

- Week number one.

- Making elite level plays that were difficult. My skepticism on Wentz was not his ability to make great plays, but his ability to consistently make the regular plays.

- And then he kept doing that game after game after game. And eventually, that's him.

- He's been excellent.

- Yes.

- He's been absolutely excellent. And, a little added context to the skepticism going into this year. He was really good for the first five games last year. But from week five on, he had almost identical passer rating as Brock Osweiler last season. So he had-- he tailed off. He was a guy who was bad on third down, as opposed to this year being brilliant on third down. There were real reasons for skepticism.

What we've seen through six games this year is a player that looks like-- or seven games this year, pardon me-- one of the best quarterbacks in football. Forget his age. Forget all of this. He looks like one of the best quarterbacks in football. And yesterday, the biggest difference between why Philly won or why Washington lost was because one quarterback was extraordinary and the other quarterback was just OK.

- It's nice. I knew we were doing a show together. You know, Jenna and I, we have history. But I didn't know, all of a sudden--

- Philadelphia.

- --in week number six? This week number six?

- Seven. This is week seven.

- And this is show number what?

- This is show number 36.

- 36. I didn't know show number 36 that Mel Kuiper was going to be joining the show. Because it's official. You went on Twitter last night. So you made it official. You made an announcement on Twitter. It's official people. I'm officially sold on Wentz. Why didn't you say I'm sold on Wentz?

- I had extra characters. What's wrong with officially sold?

- Yeah, if you're Todd McShea or Mel Kuiper or somebody, you make it official. When you're Nick Wright, you just say it.

- Say.

- Just say, I'm with Carson Wentz now. Jenna and Chris were right.

- From the beginning.

- They've been with them for six weeks. So now, move over people, since it's official, move over and let me jump on the bandwagon.

- I'm about 90 seconds from changing sides on this thing.