Would the Cowboys have been better off if Zeke just accepted his suspension to start the season?

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Dallas Cowboys after their Week 7 win over the S.F. 49ers.

- You think Dallas is a 9, 10 win team at full strength. And once they lose Zeke that becomes a 7, 8 win team. Like, you think Dallas is overrated and over discussed. Is that fair?

- Yes, absolutely.

NICK WRIGHT: That's fair. And so I think that's coloring some of the commentary on what was their best game of the year. No matter the opponent, that was their best game of the year. Go ahead, Jen.

- Nick, do you think the Cowboys team you saw yesterday is indicative of the team that we are going to see?

- I thought it was the team-- now I'm colored by the fact that I came into the year thinking this team was going to be really, really good. People take the fact that I picked the Giants to go to the Super Bowl out of that division, to mean that I thought Dallas wasn't going to be good. That wasn't it at all. I thought both of these teams were going to be double digit, 11/12, win teams. I thought Dallas was going to be really good this year.

So I'm-- so I'm probably colored in the other direction. What I did take away from this game though, is we now have the first six games of the season done for Dallas. And Jen, I know this is gonna, like, push your buttons--

- Here we go--

NICK WRIGHT: But man, oh man, they sure wish, right now, that Zeke had just taken those six games to start the year. They're 3-3 with him. They had been 3-3 without him. Right? Like, the three wins they have were by such a large margin, that they'd won those games even-- I know Alfred Morris isn't Ezekiel Elliot-- but

- Right.

- They could have beat in San Francisco yesterday without Zeke. Their two other wins they could have won without Zeke. And now they're not going to have him for a critical part of their schedule.

CRIS CARTER: Right, and I think that led to the workload that they decided to give to Zeke. He's coming off a week's rest. We might be missing him, all right. There's going to be a hearing this week where he could potentially be gone. The suspension could start this week. So for me this is where it-- when you play a bad football team and you win, I'm not supposed to be jumping up and down. If you're better than that football team, I'm not supposed to be jumping up and down. If you're coming off of a bye week, I'm not supposed-- other people-- that's your guy's job. I don't-- my job-- I don't have pom poms.

JEN: I can't, not in this dress, but--

- Like I don't have-- no, no, you'll-- you'll pop a hami.