Here is what what was promising about Brett Hundley’s game against the Saints

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Greg Jennings joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to to talk Green Bay Packers after their loss to the Saints.

- When you have a guy come in and you're I mean, obviously, you're being overshadowed by this aura and this guy and looming over your shoulder in Aaron Rodgers. To where the expectations is already so high, there's definitely going to always be room for improvement. Always.

And one thing I will say that I did love about what I saw out of Hundley yesterday, regardless of how he was performing, he looked like he was having a good time. He looked poised, he looked calm, and collected.

Now, that's promising. It may not seem like much, but he didn't get down on himself, he wasn't-- he didn't appear to be frustrated. He appeared to just stay locked in and still didn't have a lot of success throwing the football but he wasn't down on himself. You've got to-- that's--

- He wasn't down on himself he maybe should have been down on himself.

- No, you never get down on yourself.

- Here's the thing. No, the Packers cannot stay afloat because what we are about to see is the Green Bay Packers are the Indianapolis Colts. This is a bad roster that is masked by the best player in the league. And one of the best players, ever.

Chris, earlier said I throw around hall of fame too often. This one is not being thrown around too often. This is a-- they lost a no doubt first ballot Hall of Famer at the most important position in sports. And now they, my opinion that could be changed slightly as we see more of Aaron Jones. Because maybe they do actually have a running back that we didn't know that they were going to have.

But this defense is not very good. The wide receivers, aside from Jordy, I think are average players that have had above average stats. Right. And the systems Aaron Rodgers?

- Yes.

- And so I just, what I think we're going to see is a team that, just like the Colts were able to stay afloat with Andrew Luck, the Packers were able to excel with Aaron Rodgers. Because not because the rosters are drastically different because one quarterback's a good quarterback in Luck, and the other quarterback is an all timer in Aaron Rodgers.

I just don't see enough talent on that team. And especially within that division. Minnesota looking like the absolute cream of the crop in the division. No, I don't think they can stay afloat.