Cris Carter gives Dez Bryant a strong ultimatum

Cris Carter reveals how Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys can save their season with Ezekiel Elliot out while serving his suspension.

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- Offensive line, don't get the running back, I don't care who it is. To the second level, it's hard to be special. Dallas needs a couple things. One, is that offensive line to being dominant, to be an elite class. Also what they need, they either need-- great example with Priest Holmes-- but someone in Dallas need to go get a priest, go get a rabbi, go get a Baptist minister, evangelicals, something, someone to talk to Dez Bryant. Because Dez Bryant needs-- 'cause there's one superstar on that offense besides Dak, and it's Dez Bryant.

JENNA WOLFE: He's not playing like that.

- And his career need to be resurrected. That's how they able to get through this stretch.

- And there is-- and Ray, since you brought this up earlier-- there is a worst case scenario here for the Cowboys, which is that Zeke stays unsuspended. But they don't get their-- they don't get their team on track. They miss the playoffs this year with Zeke playing the full 16.

- Yes.

- And then they get the Tom Brady treatment, which is, oh, that suspension, that train's not gonna-- that's coming, it might be late, but it's still coming. He misses the first six games the next year, and you are potentially in a situation where you have two lost seasons for the Cowboys.

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