Damon “Snacks” Harrison trusted Odell Beckham Jr. to babysit his 3-month-old son

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Damon "Snacks" Harrison says he let Odell Beckham Jr. babysit his 3-month-old son because OBJ is one of the most trustworthy people he knows.

- You have a really interesting personal story that I really want to get to. Let me just ask. I want to ask one Odell question because I know him a little bit, Chris knows him really well, you've played with him. What is Odell like as a teammate?

- He's awesome. He babysitted my son, I think it was this past--

- The three-month-old?

- The three-month-old. He was about maybe a month old. And yeah, he babysitted him while my wife and I went out to a comedy show and had dinner. So you know, the most popular guy on planet Earth took his Saturday, I think it was a Saturday, where he could have been doing anything, and been anywhere. And he babysitted my son, for free by the way. For free. He didn't charge me.

- And that at--

- By the way, CC would charge.

- Your house, not his house.

- At his house.

- Oh wow.

- With those dogs there?

- Stay away from those dogs.

- OK. Odell's got some big--

- Some large-- man.

- --big dogs.

- Exactly, yeah.

- So he-- now I have to deep dive into this. Was that his-- did you-- were you on the phone, on Craigslist, trying to find a babysitter and Odell's like, I got it. Or he came to you and was like, want to babysit the kid?

- Well, my wife knows one of his friends and she was the one that was going to babysit for us.

- So I had no idea that we were going there. So when we pulled up, I was like, this house look familiar. Then I saw his car--

- Who are we giving our kid to?

- It's no way. So then he opens the door. He has on a apron. And he has a spatula and a fork in one hand. And he said, I'm ready to go.

- Oh my god. It's a baby, not a chicken.

- I was ready to run and get out of there, but I told some media members in off season that if I had to let anyone babysit, it would be Odell. And that was funny that it actually came true.

- Now why him?

- Because he's trustworthy. I can trust him with anything.

- Now how is that trust developed? Because if you would think of-- now I know Odell. You're his teammate. What has he done? Because you got a lot of great guys in that locker room. You would think the kid with the yellow hair is not watching my baby.

- Maybe catching him like if--

- This is the only son you have. He said OK. If the building's on fire and I got to throw my son out, OBJ, I want you down there.

- Well that's just time. I actually sit across from him in the locker room, so we talk a whole lot. Knowing how he's a Louisiana guy, as am I. So meeting his mom, his dad and everybody, and knowing his background, and how he was raised, and actually having conversations with him that had nothing to do with football. And just to know his mindset and how focused he is, and the fame hasn't gotten to him.

So just me-- I pride myself on being able to read a person, and I think I've done a pretty good job. And he's somebody I trust with my son.