Cris Carter on Cowboys’ season: “Dallas is not a great team without Zeke”

Cris Carter tells Nick Wright, Jenna Wolfe and Daryl Johnston why he thinks that without Ezekiel Elliott to help Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys will finish the season below average.

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CRIS CARTER: When you look at the Dallas Cowboys, besides their quarterback Dak, you think of them as a powerful offensive football team. You don't even think about the defense. You mentioned, Sean Lee. He's a huge part of the defense. You mentioned some of the younger players in the secondary and everything, you've got a couple rushers.

Yeah, those guys are going to get incrementally, get a little bit better as we go through the season. But I've looked at every group. I knew this question was coming. It's not no surprise. I looked at every group. Man, how can they get better in this? How can the linebackers get better? Defensive line, offensive line, the guard situation. Yeah, that's real. Collins at right tackle, is that going to work out? I got bad news, man. They aren't getting no better.

They aren't getting no better. Without Zeke. Without those mental dimensions, Zeke-- because no one could mention him. How are they going to get better? They can't get better. I like Alfred Morris.

DARYL JOHNSTON: Yeah He's not Zeke.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, I like walking to work, too. But I'd much rather get my chauffeured car.



- So what do you do, Moose?

CRIS CARTER: McFadden all right? He's limited in what he can do. I mean this is their dilemma that they knew, before the season, was going to be there. Dallas is not a great team without Zeke.

I know you want to say Dak, oh, he's a franchise quarterback. He's under rated. But when you take away 1,400 yards, when you take away 1,000 yards on first down, there is no replacement for that. There is no meeting Jason Garrett can go into. There is no bus pulling up to Dallas' training camp today saying, hey, we got a bunch of new players going to get out there.

- But the season can't end because he's out. So what are they-- what do you do? You have to-- what can you do?

DARYL JOHNSTON: I'll never for--

CRIS CARTER: That's, no, no, wait a second. That's an official analysis, Jenna.

- And I appreciate it.

CRIS CARTER: Before he got suspended, I said this. Nick will verify. They will be 10-6. Now they're best where got suspended. So what's going to happen to them? They will be 6-10. 7-9.

- I don't--

DARYL JOHNSTON: I'm not ready, I'm not ready to go below--


DARYL JOHNSTON: --five hundred.

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