David Diehl thinks he saw the worst overturned call of his life on Sunday

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David Diehl joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to talk about the New York Jets vs the New England Patriots.

- OK, we talked about this a little earlier, what do you think of that play, David? Did the refs get it right?

- Obviously, refs have a tough job, but this could be the worst reversal of an instant replay I have ever seen in the time that I've been in the NFL for 15 years. I mean, you see the official right there on the side, signals the touchdown, and then you know that they're going to go to the Microsoft tablet on the field, now. Tony Corrente's talking to Riveron-- Al Riveron, who's the president of officials for the NFL. And you hear them conducting it. And right after they come back and they go through the reversal, and they say, well, he re-established control of the football. But then, when he was going through, his knee was down, all this stuff.

OK, first of all, you have to have evidence to show that this needs to be reversed. They continued to show angles that didn't show that proper angle. And then after the game, you heard Tony Corrente say, well, you know, at the end of the reversal period, they showed us a clip of a different angle that it was so justifiable and easy.

Well, I know all of my producers, PT Navarro, Eric Mandia, Fran Morrison-- you guys owe me steaks for the name drops-- but, I mean, each one of those guys have every single angle of footage that you can get for that view. And that's why they're doing it as the broadcast team is to make sure that the viewer at home gets that same angle. That angle was never shown during this football game. It was never shown to the audience. It still hasn't been shown to anybody else of that angle.

So to say, well, they showed me a different angle, the rule is you can only look at cameras that are for the broadcast team and that are on-site. Well, we're seeing angles and views that only the officials are seeing, and we're not at home getting to see.


- And once again, a questionable call that's that quick, bang, bang. To overrule it that way, I am completely in disagreement with this one. Because now, what's a touchdown anymore? A couple of weeks ago, Sterling Shepard in Philadelphia, everybody's like, hey, touch-- no, reversal. We don't know what a touchdown is anymore.