Cris Carter concerned for Dallas regardless of Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension

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Cris Carter dives into the struggles of the Dallas Cowboys this season on top of the 6 game suspension of Ezekiel Elliott.

- I believe in Dak. There's no doubt I believe that he's a franchise quarterback. I believe he's an elite quarterback. But I'm not going to judge him based on these six games, unless one thing happens.

Dez Bryant and Jason Witten need to get the other tight ends and wide receivers together and say, you know something, these six games, we have to take over the offense. We're not going to go to run the ball, all right?

They weren't getting the productivity out of the run game that they had gotten before. Last year, you had a tremen-- Zeke, tremendous season last year. You have an unbelievable stat. He rushed for 1,000 yards on first down, all right?

- 5.2 a carry on first down last year.

- OK now, how much is he rushing for this year on first down?

- 3.5.

- OK, so, there's been more pressure on Dak, anyway, because the offensive line and the running game haven't synced up. Now, I'm all for putting pressure on the quarterback, but I don't want my guy to be judged based on these six games, unless Witten and Dez Bryant, and the skilled guys come together and start making some plays. I believe Dak can do it.

But who's going to get some separation? There's going to be less guys committed to the run, more guys in pass coverage. I mean, Witten's not going to get any faster. Terrance Williams, is he going to start making some big plays? Because they can't be as methodical as they could before, trying to force their will, all right.

And if they don't get first downs, which is really up to the receiving corps, then that defense, which is undersized. And we don't know with Sean Lee, if he's going to be back. So there is some huge question marks. There are some huge concerns, even if Zeke was playing the next six games, that Dallas will be facing, let alone if Zeke was absent from those games.