Nick Wright explains how Dallas can still succeed with Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension

Nick Wright explains why the Dallas Cowboys can still find success this season even with running back Ezekiel Elliott's recent 6 game suspension.

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- --not as much trouble as, I think, most people believe them to be in. I say that because I am a true believer in Dak Prescott. Now, let me just back up for a moment. I, at least--

CRIS CARTER: You have to put out several disclaimers.

- OK, but this--

CRIS CARTER: --before you present you case.

- OK, that's fine, but this is a non-football disclaimer. I'm not going to get into what he was suspended for. We know what he's been accused of. What Cris has, I think a lot of information that the public doesn't have about what he's been accused of and how horrifying those crimes are. Well, I'm going to talk about this just from a football perspective, not to be insensitive, but because we're talking about this-- what this means for the Cowboys.

First of all, for the Cowboys. I think they are, right now, thinking, man, I wish he had never won any appeal. I wish he was 5/6th of his way through the suspension--

JENNA WOLFE: You mentioned that--

- --right now--

JENNA WOLFE: --when he first started.

- --because there are 2 and 3. And guess what? Their two wins, when they blew out the Giants in week one, when the Giants scored three points, and the win they got against a dreadful Arizona team. They'd be 2 and 3 with-- if Zeke hadn't played yet.

So now, instead of having Zeke on the field for an easier part of their schedule, where they didn't play that well, and they only had one divisional game, they're going to miss him for a tougher part of their schedule, where they play multiple divisional games, where they're already behind the eight ball because of the 2 and 3 record.

So why do I think they can be OK? Because I believe they've got the best quarterback in their division. I believe they've got one of the two best young quarterbacks in football. I believe that what we are going to see from Dak Prescott is what you see from excellent quarterbacks league-wide, which is I can-- I can't go 16 games by myself, but if in this stretch we need to find a way to go 3 and 3, maybe 4 and 2, I am good enough to get that done, assuming I get some help from the defense, assuming I get some help from the off into line. That's what I think we're going to see.

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