Nick Wright says a stronger offensive line has allowed Carson Wentz to succeed in 2017

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Nick Wright compares Carson Wentz's stats from 2016 to his stats in 2017 and explains how better protection has made the difference.

- So we've spent a lot time talking about Cam Newton.


- The other quarterback, Carson Wentz, a guy a ton of people are excited about, and I think rightfully so, to a degree. I want to show the audience two different quarterbacks. And we're not going to tell you that they are.

JENNA WOLFE: You got a graphic.


JENNA WOLFE: That's why I didn't know that.

NICK WRIGHT: All right, so look at this thing. So quarterback one--


NICK WRIGHT: --since the beginning of 2016, 98 quarterback rating, 20 to 5 touchdown interception ratio, over seven yards per pass.


NICK WRIGHT: Quarterback two, 70 quarterback rating, six touchdowns, 12 picks, less than six yards per pass. Do you have any idea who those two guys are? You don't have to guess you don't want to. I'm about to show them.

MARK SCHLERETH: I'm going to say--

JENNA WOLFE: One of them is not me, if that helps you.

MARK SCHLERETH: Yeah, I'm going to say one is-- because we're talking about Wentz-- one is Wentz. I'd say the first one is going to be, let's say, Alex Smith.

NICK WRIGHT: Let's show them. Who are those quarterbacks? Oh wait, they're both Carson Wentz. That's with Lane Johnson--

JENNA WOLFE: Hey, that's not fair.

NICK WRIGHT: --and without Lane Johnson.

MARK SCHLERETH: Oh, oh, oh, you tricked me.

NICK WRIGHT: So, yeah--


--it was a little unfair. Wait, can we put that back up just for a moment, the whole thing so people can see? It's not a tiny sample. It's two-- 10 games without him, he's been bad. 11 games with him, he's been excellent.

Cris mentioned the Panthers additions on the defensive line. That, to me, is the key to tonight's game.


- That we are yet to see Carson Wentz be excellent--

- You know--

- --in a game without Lane Johnson.

- You know what you've just told me right here? The real skilled positions play up front.