Cris Carter: Adrian Peterson would be a 1,000-yard rusher in Dallas

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Cris Carter and Nick Wright disagree on Adrian Peterson's current value as an NFL running back.

- I feel like I have to say this every time. Adrian Peterson is one of the two best running backs of his era. He and LaDainian Tomlinson-- if you want to say Adrian's the best, awesome. If you want to say LT's the best, awesome. But worst case, he's the second best in the last, what, 20-some years, 15-plus years?

But that doesn't mean he's still even an above-average football player. And so, Cris has been a believer that, in the right system,

- Yes.

- --he can be-- he still has the ability to be productive. I think you could design a system exclusively around him, and he's a three-yards-per-carry back at this point.

- I guarantee if he'd played for the Dallas Cowboys, he'd rush for 1,000 yards.


MARK SCHLERETH: See, I don't have-- I don't have any issue with that statement. I just look at Arizona and say, the system is not the system that he's-- that he's accustomed to. And the offensive line, to call them average, is an insult to average things. Average is going whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, do not call me that.