Cris Carter explains why Odell Beckham’s injury can be a good thing

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Cris Carter explains how New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham's season ending injury can help him improve in other areas.

- I do know him. I have talked to him. He has embraced the situation as far as his injury. And actually we talked about-- he's kind of fortunate that it was a clean break, so it's easy for it to heal.

But it's also-- like, he's done for the season. When I initially started talking to him, he was like, man, I think I can get back in like December, you know. But the doctors are telling me, you know, I should take the rest. I said, yeah, you should take the rest of the year off.

And you know what you should work on? You should start working on you. I said, the football player, like, you're going to play another eight to 10 years, if you're lucky. I said, but the man is going to live a lot longer.

I said, so all I'm going to talk to you about this offseason, about who's the man, who's Odell? Who's the son? Who's the friend? Who's the teammate?

What kind of teammate are you going to be now? The team is going through crisis. What kind of teammate are you going to be? Are you going to be out there cheering the guys on?

You're going to be off in Vegas, off in LA, doing your own thing, hanging out with stars and everything. What can of guy are you going to be, Odell? Because that's what I'm concerned about.

You've already made your mark in the NFL. The Giants are going to pay you. He wants to be a giant for life.

- Sure.

- He's made that. He wants to be a Giant for life. But the things I'm talking to him about are growing up, being more mature, how to handle his situation, how to be a positive role model, how to be a positive teammate. And he's all aboard in that. Odell is-- this is what I have to respect for him.

Odell does not have to call me. He does not have to return my phone call. But he was heavily drugged up. I called him. He didn't pick up the phone, but he saw that he missed a call, and he called me right back within 24 hours of him being injured.

And I've got a lot of respect because there's a lot of guys out there, they think they know everything. They don't want anyone saying anything. And my phone calls aren't always pleasant.

- I know that.

- So he's at a good state.

- I know that.

- He realizes he needs to get better, and he wants to be known as a good human being.