Nick Wright breaks down the Adrian Peterson trade to Arizona

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The New Orleans Saints just traded RB Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for a 2018 draft pick. Nick Wright reacts.

- C.C., one of your, and I don't want to misquote you here, one of your lines I've heard you say so many times is, it's about getting the juice out of the berry. What is it?

- You have to squeeze.

- You got to squeeze, you always say like, you give me the berry, like I'll squeeze and get you the juice.

- It means pressure.

- Exactly. Here's the problem. What if the berry has been squeezed and squeezed and squeezed and there ain't no juice left in it? That's Adrian Peterson.

- I normally wouldn't use that analogy, because it doesn't really help.

- It doesn't work. OK, fair enough.

- You can only use it when it works in your favor.

- There's no juice left in this berry. This guy has not been an above average NFL player since midway through the 2015 season. His last 13 games, forget the raw numbers of less than three yards per carry, in his last 13 games spanning three seasons on two teams, he has only had one individual game where he averaged more than four yards per carry.

And I don't blame him for this. He plays the most physically taxing position in all of sports. And he has played it a style that is about as physically taxing a way as you can play it. I have a list here of some of the greatest running backs ever. Barry Sanders, what did he do in his 11th season? That's what Peterson's in.

Well, he was retired. Jim Brown was retired. Earl Campbell was retired. OK, O.J. was still playing. O.J., oh, he averaged less than four yards per carry. What about Eric Dickerson in season 11? Three and 1/2 yards per carry on 91 total yards for the season.

LaDainian Tomlinson, the guy who is the other gold standard running back of this era. His 11th season was with the Jets, had 280 yards for the season. Like you can't ask Adrian Peterson to be someone he's not anymore. I don't care what team he's with.