Nick Swisher: Yankees need to cash in on momentum shift in ALDS

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Nick Swisher talks about the Yankees' momentum after two straight wins and the chances of them stunning Cleveland in Game 5.

- Bauer went out on three days rest, obviously, you're s--

JENNA WOLFE: But you said he wanted to.

- Well, I mean, hey, I'm going to give him that ball, especially after what he did Game 1. I'm really going to take my chances with the guy.

JENNA WOLFE: You said he likes it that way.

- You're giving the ball because of confidence, but his record would show you, throughout his career, he hadn't been really good right with three days rest.

- Well, I feel like, and Terry Francona said it last night, maybe he was going to the breaking ball a little too much. Guys in the Yankee lineup were really, really hunting that pitch. Huge double down the line by Frazier on a breaking ball. Judge with that fastball up, and it really kind of got everybody grooving a little bit, got that stadium electric.

But I'm telling you, man, Game 5 they've got their work cut out for them. You know, you've got the Cy Young award winner, in my opinion, Corey Kluber going Game 5 at home in Cleveland. But I'm telling you, if I was a betting man right now, I'm telling you, the momentum the Yankees have right now, you cannot hide that.

- I think the-- Going into Game 3, Cleveland had gone 34 and 3 in their last 37.

- That's amazing, right?

- And now, the Yankees obviously need them to go 0 and 3 in their next three. There were-- here are some other reasons for optimism. I know it's totally different pitching matchups, but the Yankees left some runs on the board last night. Judge was up again with the bases loaded, he struck out. There were a few-- And, by the way-- I think it was the eighth inning, it might have been the seventh inning, I apologize-- where the Indians, all of a sudden, looked like they could get back in it. Two men on base and they had a good opportunity. And you know the Yankees, if that thing got back to one run, they're going to start having flashbacks to Game 2.

- Of course.

- So it was enormous the way they slammed the door on them. I think what the Yankees have going for them now, not that-- and we talked about pressure before. Obviously, there's enormous pressure. It's Game 5.

- Of course. But the Yankees, this has already been a wildly successful season. And for Cleveland, if they lose Game 5, this is a, not an all time gag job, but people are going to kill them for it. People will kill them for it. Even if it's not fair. You win 22 straight, you're up 2 nothing in a series.

- Right.

- If you end up losing that series, people-- It might be totally unfair-- They will get killed for it. They know that going into Game 5.

- Right. Well, I'm telling you, just in general, the Cleveland Indians have had such a historic season. I mean come on, 22 wins in a row. I mean, breaking what, the Oakland A's record of 20 in 2002?

- Coming off being three outs from a title last year. It's not like they had no kind of season last year. They were that close.

- It is amazing. And just to see where all the players have gone. You got Chapman you know, not on the Chicago Cubs, but he's on the Yankees now. Just in general, for a team to come back from 2-0, to even make it a 2-2 situation. Come on, Cris, that's so hard to do, especially as a team game. You need guys clicking on all cylinders to make that happen.