Is Green Bay the team to beat in the NFC? Nick Wright breaks it down

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Nick Wright discusses Green Bay's hot start and gives his opinion on which NFC teams could knock them off.

- So Nick, are the Packers the best team in the NFC? Straight up.

CRIS CARTER: Straight up.

- I thought that was something you would like.

CRIS CARTER: I do like it.

- Straight up seemed like a very--

CRIS CARTER: I love it.

- --pointed question.

NICK WRIGHT: This is a cute little thing you have going.

CRIS CARTER: Straight up.

NICK WRIGHT: If they're not playing Atlanta, they are. Atlanta is the team these guys don't match up well against. You told me a story when you were with Philly, like you guys would always beat Washington. Washington would beat the Giants.

CRIS CARTER: We always beat the Giants.

NICK WRIGHT: I'm sorry, you guys would always beat the Giants.

CRIS CARTER: Then Washington would always beat us.

NICK WRIGHT: The Giants would always beat Washington and Washington always beat you. It was like a triangle--


NICK WRIGHT: --where-- so this is-- Green Bay has lost three straight games to Atlanta. Now all of those games have been in Atlanta.


NICK WRIGHT: So it's bad luck-- that the bad scheduling luck that the back to back regular season games in Atlanta, and obviously Atlanta had the better record than them last season. I think right now they're the best team. But I think the team with the highest ceiling in the NFC is Carolina. And here's why, I think we know-- this is who Green Bay is. I don't expect Green Bay's defense to get much better. I think they're just going to be a slightly below average defense. I don't expect their offense to get much better, because how would it? Like, the offense has been performing with relatively mediocre skilled position players because of Aaron Rodgers.

Carolina is sitting there at four and one without production from it's offense, except for these last two weeks. I think Carolina's offensive can go to another level more easily than Green Bay's defense can. Now I'm not discounting Philadelphia. I think Philadelphia is on that next tier. And I think Atlanta also is on that next tier, even though they match up well against Green Bay. I think Green Bay is better than the Falcons against the league, but not better than the Falcons heads up, if that makes sense.