What can the Cowboys do to get back on track vs. Packers?

Can the Cowboys finally right the ship against playoff nemesis Green Bay?

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- And here would be my more, I guess, psychological concern. You mentioned that in the past-- I think, I don't want to misquote you here-- that Dallas may have come into the season a little overconfident based on how easy things seemed to be for them last year.

- Yes.

NICK WRIGHT: players who-- You start the season 13 and 2. I mean they were essentially 13 and 2. I know the record's 13-3. But they didn't even try in week 17. They benched their guys because they had it all locked up. 13 and 2 to 2 and 3, in back to back seasons. That's what Dallas would be with a loss. Then all of a sudden, you go-- you flip the other side of the spectrum, from overconfident to sapped confidence.

- Yes. Now--

- To, wait, wait, wait. What's wrong with us? What are we not doing right? And if we want to include the playoff game, Dallas wins 13 to 15. And then if they lose this weekend, they've lost four of their last six. They've lost four in a row to good teams.


- So they start asking themselves--

- And with several of those being at home. Right.

- They start asking ourselves, wait, can we not beat the good teams? Is there-- Do we have-- We lost to the Packers at home to end last season. We lost to the Rams at home a week ago. If we lose to Green Bay again-- So while, for Green Bay, I think Green Bay's basically most even keeled team in the league. They're like, we got Aaron Rodgers. When we start 4 and 6, we make the playoffs. When we start 6 and 2 we basically make the play-- They make the playoffs every year. We have the best player on the field every game. Dallas, I think could-- This is a big game for them, emotionally, moving forward.

- Yes.

- Because they haven't played well against a good team since week 14 of last year.

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