Chris Canty describes his problem with Antonio Brown’s sideline outburst

Is there a bigger issue behind Antonio Brown's outburst? Chris Canty joined Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe to discuss.

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- Chris, on the great teams that you played on, the most memorable one is the one you guys got hot in December.

- Yep.

- But before that you guys were just an average team. Who were the leaders on that team? And what kind of things did they say? Because I know a few of those guys and have worked with them in the past. Who were they, and what kind of authority was given to them by the coaching staff in tough times to say things?

- Well there were leaders on the offensive and defensive line, and that's where you have to start, because that's how we won the Super Bowl in 2011. So you're talking about Justin Tuck--

Chris Carter: Yep.

- --you're talking about Osi Umenyiora, you're talking about Chris Snee, you're talking about David Diehl. Those guys were the leaders in the locker room. And a part of that is setting the agenda for the team, taking the message from the head coach, and giving it to the other 52 guys in the locker room. And that's important. And like you said earlier, being a leader on a football team, it's not about being liked, it's not a popularity contest. It's about having the respect of your peers, and being able to hold everybody accountable. That's the thing that bothers me about Antonio Brown disrespecting Todd Haley on the sidelines. You can't disrespect the superior, you have to respect the game, you have to respect the position. That's the offensive coordinator. If he's coming to talk to you on the sideline, you've got to be able to listen

Chris Carter: Yep.

- And not only just for the information that he's trying to give you, but just for the perception and the optics for the rest of your teammates. Guys need to understand that they need to be coachable. In order to get where we want to go, we've got to accept coaching.

Chris Carter: Absolutely.

- Tom Coughlin used to say this all the time, coaching is making men do what they don't want to do, so they can become what they want to become. If the Pittsburgh Steelers want to be a Super Bowl team they're going to need Mike Tomlin and that coaching staff to-- to help them realize what they need to improve on and execute the game plans. And in that situation, you've got to listen to your coach when you come to the sideline no matter what happened in between the white lines. And Antonio Brown failed his teammates by not doing so.

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