Nick Wright thinks new NBA All-Star format could lead to player pettiness

Is this a good idea for the NBA All-Star Game? Nick thinks it is, for one important reason.

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- Hey, guys. The NBA is shaking up their All-Star game format. The players who get the most votes in each conference will pick the two teams without regard for the conferences. What do you think about this Nick?

- Well, the only way they could have made this better is if-- because it's still going to be 12 guy-- the pool of eligible players would still be 12 East players, 12 West Players. So its going to be a little embarrassing with six picks left. Its six dudes from the Eastern Conference, and the whole Western Conference been drafted.

I'm just curious how petty LeBron is going to get. Like would he draft Kyrie? Like if it's Kyrie, and, you know, Al Horford sitting out there, and he's like, you know what, I think I'm going with Big Al.

- Oh, it's going to make for good drama though.

- Like is LeBron going to draft Dwayne Wade, even though Dwayne Wade will not be an eligible participant?

I would like Dwayne Wade, please, sir. He's not in the pool. I would like to Dwyane Wade, please. I told you, I would like Dwayne Wade, please.

So I don't know. I'm excited to see it.

- I think with the rivalry in LeBron and the Warriors, and the Warriors potentially going to have four All-Stars every year for the next several years, yes, I think we're going to see some pettiness. But I think it's going to be very interesting and strategic how players pick each other. And who gets the top two vote.

- Well, don't you think it will be LeBron and Steph, or LeBron and Durant, will be the top two vote getters, most likely.

- Yeah, it's probably going to be-- Durant might be number one, because, I mean, he's got all these accounts, man.


He can get all these secret votes and everything. Like-- [MIMICKING BEEPING SOUND]