Nick Wright explains why MVP awards are very important to LeBron James

Why should LeBron put a lot of emphasis on winning MVP awards? Nick Wright tells Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe.

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NICK WRIGHT: The MVPs are very important to him.

JENNA WOLFE: Tell me, tell me why.

NICK WRIGHT: Because he knows, he has said it. He is chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan. It's going to be incredibly difficult for him to reach Chris's threshold, which is the six rings.


NICK WRIGHT: So he's going to have to do it in other ways. Lebron's got four MVPs. Jordan and Russell have five, Kareem has six, that's the list. So OK, if I get one more MVP, now I've tied Michael in that regard. I'm already going to have passed him in every other category.

JENNA WOLFE: But you're a LeBron guy, you're a Michael Jordan guy. If he wins MVP this year, do you inch LeBron closer to Michael Jordan or is it always going to be about the titles for you?

CRIS CARTER: No, no, winning MVP in year 15 would be significant.

JENNA WOLFE: But would you bring him up to where you are? You guys have battled on this for a long time over who the best is.

CRIS CARTER: No, he still is not there. I mean, we know that. I mean, I told you my math. In Cleveland, he gets credit for two for every one. OK? All right? So if he's able to win MVP and win another championship in Cleveland, beating one of the best teams of all time twice, all right? Two in Miami, two in Cleveland. The two in Cleveland equal four, which equals six. That's that Ohio State, three years of math.

NICK WRIGHT: See you're a math buy, CC. I want to, going into this off-season I agreed with you, by the way. I think I said either on this show or on The Heard at some point, my money would have been on Durant going into this off-season. But then so much changed, most notably LeBron losing his number two option.

Now Isaiah Thomas is a good player, but as Jenna very importantly pointed out, he's going to not be around for the first third of the season, first half of the season. LeBron having to get acclimated, all of these new teammates. And what appears to be an extra motivated LeBron. The MVP stuff really matters to him.

If you even remember when Steph won it, he said listen, there's a difference between most valuable and best. Like he was trying to make the point, like listen, you all can give this trophy to somebody else, but we all know who the best actually is. On your Durant point, Durant would enter pretty hallowed ground.

Only 13 guys have at least two MVPs. Durant's got the one. A whole bunch of guys have won one MVP. Durant only, Durant would win [INAUDIBLE] or join Steph and Steve Nash and a bunch of other guys that have, 13 other guys that have two or more.

JENNA WOLFE: Does LeBron know how much you like him?

NICK WRIGHT: Hold up, hold up.

JENNA WOLFE: Does LeBron know that you're obsessed with him? I'm just curious.

NICK WRIGHT: OK, so Jenna, this is now the first real fracture in our relationship.


NICK WRIGHT: So I would like, because I feel like you are speaking for some of the audience here, and so now I would like to address you, them via you.

JENNA WOLFE: OK, go ahead.

NICK WRIGHT: I talk about sports for a living. I happen to be talking about sports during an era of the greatest athlete in the history of the world. So I would be negligent in my job if I ignored this. I would imagine if I was a physics talk show host in 1920,--

I'd probably talk about Einstein a lot. Like there are these things that are the prerequisites for what I do for a living. It's not about an obsession, it's about a respect for greatness. That's all.

JENNA WOLFE: You know what this is?

NICK WRIGHT: It, it, I have-

JENNA WOLFE: It is a big old heart, right there.