LeBron James: ‘I was ready to give the keys to Kyrie’ – Nick and Cris react

What do Nick Wright and Cris Carter make of LeBron's comments about Kyrie? Watch as they explain to Jenna Wolfe.

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- I feel like you've been asked this question. We've all been asked this question a million times. Will Kyrie Irving actually regret leaving LeBron? I mean, it sounds like--

- Depends on what he wants to achieve. Like, I don't know Kyrie Irving personally. And so if his goal is to compete for the most championships as possible, then yes, of course. If he were to compete for a championship this year, he would have had then figured out if LeBron's staying or leaving, and then you can figure out what you want to do when you're a free agent in two years.

If the goal is to go try to be the best player on a team as early as possible, even if that team is not going to be competing for a championship, then no, I guess not.

It is hard for me to concoct a scenario where someone doesn't regret leaving not only the best player in the league, but a guy that isn't a Kobe Bryant type who's the best, you know, one of the best players in the league, but also everything has to revolve around his, you know, shooting the ball. LeBron is a distributor. LeBron is a leader.

Like, I mean, I think he will. I think I would. But I also wouldn't have made the decisions Kyrie made. And so given that he made these decisions eyes wide open, stood by those decisions, went on television, defended those decisions-- it doesn't seem like he thinks he's going to regret it.

- I don't think he's going to regret it, because he forced the decision. I mean, this is-- it's got his name written all over.

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