Nick Wright on New York: ‘The season isn’t lost for the Giants’

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Nick Wright tells Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why he thinks Odell Beckham Jr., Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo's New York Giants can rebound and salvage their season.

NICK WRIGHT: The season's not last for the Giants. And the reason I can say that is because this is not your typical 0 and 3. What we've seen with the Giants is took them 10 quarters. And it might have gotten late too early for them. They might have already dug themselves too deep of a hole.

We'll see what it takes to get a wildcard in the NFC. I think nine wins maybe could do it this year. But we finally saw it took till the second half of the third game. We finally saw the Giants team that I promised you guys existed. A Giants team that keeps Eli clean.

Zero sacks in this game against a great D-line. How do they keep him clean? Quick passes, quick throws, three step drops. A Giants team that defense forces some turnovers. And most importantly, a Giants team that says, you what our offense really should be?

Keep targeting the best player in the league, Odell Beckham, and he'll make two amazing plays. One of those plays, he is literally the only active player-- I'll give you some credit CC-- the only active player who could make that catch. And the other play, he's one of five active players that could make the catch and get both feet in. And what did that do? Oh, all of a sudden Sterling Shepard, only has one guy to beat for a 77-yard touchdown.

That is the formula for the Giants to be a playoff team. Now can they dig out of the 0 and 3 hole? We'll see, but I'm not giving up on him yet. Because we finally saw what they could be in next second half yesterday.

CRIS CARTER: Jenna, we're finishing out our first month as a show, right?

JENNA: Yes we are.

CRIS CARTER: So as a team, right?

JENNA: Yes, we

CRIS CARTER: One of our first shows, we had Roger Goodell on. Now you think the Commissioner might grant us a special waiver to let us first things first into the playoffs? Do you think he would? I mean, just honestly-- no, no, tell me. Do you think he would?

NICK WRIGHT: Probably not.

JENNA: Just for the sake of it? I don't think so.

CRIS CARTER: But, our chances are zero. What are the Giants chances, Nick?

NICK WRIGHT: Historically--

CRIS CARTER: What are they? Still his numbers.

JENNA: 3.6.

NICK WRIGHT: If you start owning three, 3.6%.

CRIS CARTER: And I think, based on our relationship with the NFL, we might have a 1% chance of getting it. So the Giants are that much better than us as far as getting into the playoffs.