Cris Carter: ‘The Packers aren’t overly talented, but they have the most talented QB of all time’

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Cris Carter and Nick Wright discuss Aaron Rodgers' incredible performance in the Green Bay Packers' 27-24 overtime win against Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals.

- This is the Packers. I mean, the Packers aren't overly talented. But they have the most talented quarterback of all time. I mean, that's the only difference in this game. There's nothing pretty about this game. And they've been doing this for several years. They're just-- I mean, if Aaron Rodgers is not on this team, this team is a 5-11 football team.

- At best. I mean, like--

- At best.

- Now, they've done a great job with the quarterback over the last 30 years, 25 years, with Favre to Rodgers. But if they hadn't done that-- I mean, that's what the talent level of this team is. Left tackle, Brian Bulaga, goes into the game banged up, ends up getting knocked out of the game. So Aaron, he don't have his front line offensive linemen in there. He's got receivers coming in out the lineup. He doesn't have a running game. I mean, this is Aaron Rodgers at his absolute best.

- Because he has to be.

- I laugh, not because of the sound bite. Just because, like, when I watch Aaron Rodgers play, it's like I'm smiling loud when I'm laughing. Like, I'm just so thrilled that this exists in our sports world. Do you know who led them in receiving yesterday? Dude named Geronimo Allison. He became the 13th different player to lead the Packers in receiving since they won the Super Bowl. None of those guys were first-round picks. Four second-rounders have done it.

- You're talking about leading receiver for the game?

- For the game. Yeah.

- Wow.

- 13 guys.

- Major inconsistency. Jarrett Boykin. He was undrafted. He's led them in receiving for a game. Tom Crabtree. Like, the seventh-best Crabtree in NFL history. [LAUGHTER] He's led them in receiving for a game. Now Geronimo Allison has, led-- to go along with the list of Jeff Janis. Who? I don't know. But Aaron Rodgers gave him a 100-yard game. It's just remarkable.

And we saw again yesterday, Jana, the single most devastating play in sports. It is not LeBron James going to his left. It is not Rob Gronkowski up the seam. It is right there. The Aaron Rodgers free play. They-- no-- they're just-- it was the game-deciding play right there. The Aaron Rodgers free play. Since-- 29 times-- or 29 completions, an average of 30 yards per attempt, and 12 touchdowns on the free play. It's unbelievable.