Nick Wright on Melo to OKC ‘This Thunder team is going to be a legitimate contender’

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Nick and Cris say Melo's move to OKC is a great move.

- --underselling what Oklahoma City did. Oklahoma City already had the MVP, they already had a playoff team, they somehow have flipped Victor Oladipo--


- For Paul George, essentially. And now Enes Kanter for Carmelo Anthony. They have added a top 12 player in Paul George, a top 25 player in Carmelo Anthony, and they didn't give up a single top 75 player. Of course, they're better. That's a legit top three and we've seen Melo, his whole career, have to carry the load of being the number one option. He was, maybe, at his peak, he could do it for like a year but was never quite what his strong suit was. Now he gets to be, not even a secondary option, a tertiary option, a third option. We-- th-- this Thunder team is going to be a legitimate-- a legitimate contender, not the favorite, but a legitimate contender.

- I like the fact that Melo has some basketball left in him, but he's not going to a team that needs him to be the one or the two. Like he's in great shape, Hoodie Melo, he's lost some weight, and being at OKC, and going to the West. It's a lot different than playing in the East. It's a little more up and down, it's a little more run and gun, it's a little more isolation-- well, he's used isolation.

- Right.

- But he's got help. But there's two things Melo must do. OKC, you got to rebound and you have to play some defense.

NICK WRIGHT: Which maybe we'll see him be able to do--

- I hope they took that on the flight over because Melo's not known for that.

- But he's not going to have to carry such a burden on offensive. We've seen guys that once they get--

- That should help him play defense and rebound.

- Right, you can give more energy to other things.