Cris Carter says the NFL was ‘At its absolute best on Sunday’ in showing solidarity during National Anthem

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Cris Carter tells Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe that he was very proud to see teams around the NFL protest in unison President Donald Trump's recent, incendiary comments about firing or suspending players who don't participate in the National Anthem.

- --in a long time. CC, you were at an NFL game this weekend, what was your reaction? What did you see, and what did you hear, around you?

- Well, it's-- first of all, the NFL community-- it's a very small community, but yesterday, we were able to see the NFL community at its absolute best. Because I've mentioned to you before, in passing, the number of players-- 27,000 men have played in the National Football League in 98 years, but less than 30,000 have been owners, coaches, general managers, and front office people. So as far as a fraternity of people, there's only 30,000 people that have ever done this job, ever before, and it was one of the moments where I was very, very proud.

I remember 9/11-- we counseled football, for 9/11, to support that, to realize that-- and letting Americans know that football was not more important than the overall well-being of American safety. The next week, we played in Chicago. I remember there was American flags all across the field and it-- what it'd do? It took me back to then, 9/11 and then, yesterday.

So for me, I was just as proud, as the players who all stood there being citizens of America. And yesterday, being part of that very, very unique group that I'm a part of that had been associated with this game, and this game and this business has changed our life.

What I liked, too, was, it was well thought out because there was a lot of players-- and this is just the way it is-- they didn't have an opinion. They didn't want to protest. They didn't want to do anything, that's why you had to have coaches like Mike Tomlin, with some forethought, to see it makes the other people uncomfortable, so it was awesome to see.

I was in Philadelphia, and there was a number of different displays, but the display of unity-- not only on the field but what we saw from the Players Association to the NFL-- to me, that was refreshing to see because this has been a great business. It's been a great business for a lot of people, and to see them come together-- actually, what the president did-- he united a protest then made it even stronger because it was starting to fizzle out.