Nick Wright: KD tweet shows he still feels conflicted about his decision to leave OKC

Nick Wright discusses Kevin Durant's tweets about the Thunder and why it shows that he is conflicted about his decision to leave OKC.

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- You're loving-- you're eating this up.

- All right, Kevin Durant needed, I don't know who was in Durant's life growing up. I had a great man named Anthony Mange, my best Italian godfather, teach me at a very early age there are sometimes three very--

- How many Italian godfathers?


JENNA WOLFE: 'Cause if this guy was your best one.

- I have a bunch of them.


- He taught me at a very early age, sometimes there's only three words you need to know. Deny, deny, deny. You can never cop to this, KD. You had to go to your grave claiming you were hacked, you fired a social media manager.

You can go to the Ted Cruz route and say there was a young intern who had the account. I don't care. You can't admit to it. You certainly can't admit to it and then not fully admit to it.

- To everything.

- Oh, I sent the tweet, but I didn't think it was a different account. I just decided to go third person and talk about the Thunder as they, and KD as he and-- [MUMBLES] OK, that doesn't make any sense. But most importantly, this is a real, in seriousness, window into KD's psychology on this. He is still struggling with his decision. He was not, and that--

CRIS CARTER: Yes, that's obvious.

- 'Cause CC, he says in the longer version of that audio, I don't regret clapping back at people. He was not clapping back at people. If these tweets were bleep you, KD's a champion, he's got 300 million bucks.


- That's one thing. But they were not. He was re-litigating his decision. He was engaging in the debate about whether or not he should have gone to Golden State. And that shows me, in his own head, even as an NBA champion and as a finals MVP, he is still conflicted about what he did.

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