Is Tom Brady’s age finally a concern?

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Nick Wright says he's worried about New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's age finally affecting his play.

- Am I the only one--

- Probably.

- --that set Brandin Cooks aside, that's a little worried about Brady, just a little bit? We are now entering totally unprecedented territory when it comes to age. The quarterback's 40 plus years-- 35 plus used to be about the tipping point. 40 plus, I'm looking at it. Guys with at least double digit starts at 40 or older. Warren Moon, Brett Favre, Warren Moon, Brett Favre, Vinny Testaverde. Brett Favre is an outlier of outliers, right? Guy-- Warren Moon, you told me, was the most physically freaky quarterback you ever encountered, correct?

- Yes.

- And Vinny Testaverde, a one off year in Dallas, whatever.

- No, Vinny's a freak athlete, too.

- OK?

- I mean, he's a freak athlete.

- And we are now-- I watched Tom Brady last year, and he was amazing. But I also wonder if that suspension early in the year wasn't good for him, because once Tom Brady got to games 13, 14, 15 in the playoffs, he wasn't quite the same guy. There's this-- everyone looks at interceptions, right? There's another stat-- interceptable passes. Like a pass that you throw, it doesn't get picked, but man it could have. Tom Brady, through the entire regular season, only threw seven interceptable passes. It's amazing. In two playoff- in the playoff game against the Texans and in the Super Bowl, in just those two games, he threw nine interceptable passes. For two and half quarters in the Super Bowl, Tom Brady looked about as bad as we've ever seen him.

- Mm hm.

- He's the greatest quarterback I've ever seen, Michael. But at that age, is he just going to defy every rule of football we've ever known?