If LeBron James is leaving, what do you do this offseason if you are the Cavaliers? | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright offers up his opinion on what the Cleveland Cavaliers should do leading up to the start of the next NBA season.

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NICK WRIGHT: So if LeBron's leaving, what do you do? And if he's staying, what do you do? Luckily, for the Cavs, it's the same answer.

If LeBron is staying, then give him all the best players you can right now. And if LeBron is leaving, guess what, your only hope for the franchise is, in seven years draft, LeBron James Jr. Like you're the-- the Cavs go back to being the pumpkin they are the moment LeBron James leaves town. There should be no planning for the future, because that future is whack as hell if LeBron really leaves.


So even if you know he's leaving, give yourself the best chance to win a title this season.

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