The NFL's biggest draft bust each year since Tony Mandarich in 1989

Since Offensive lineman Tony Mandarich defined the term "bust" in 1989, there have been plenty of flops in the past 28 years. Here are some of the biggest. 1990: QB Andre Ware, Lions (7th overall) 1995: RB Ki-Jana Carter, Bengals (1st overall) 1996: RB Lawrence Phillips, Rams (6th overall) 1998: QB Ryan Leaf, Chargers (2nd overall) 1999: QB Akili Smith, Bengals (3rd overall) 2003: WR Charles Rogers, Lions (2nd overall) 2007: QB Jamarcus Russell, Raiders (1st overall) 2008: DE Vernon Gholston, Jets (6th overall) 2013: DE Dion Jordan, Dolphins (3rd overall) 2014: QB Johnny Manziel, Browns (22nd overall)

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