Breaking down the Conor McGregor-Khabib Nurmagomedov post-fight madness with Rogan, Anik and Cruz | UFC 229

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The UFC 229 commentating trio breaks down the wild end to UFC 229.

- And we have a lot of questions as well. Let's now talk to the three gentlemen who were that close to the action, John, Joe, and Dominic. And John, I've got to ask you, I'm assuming you guys are in as much shock as we are. What's your take on the situation?

- Well, it's hard to focus on the flight, given what transpired after the fact. But to me, Joe, this was a calculated thing from Khabib Nurmagomedov. He was going to finish Conor McGregor. And he was going to jump the fence and go after Dillon Dennis.

- I don't think that was calculated. I think that was in the moment. He's full of passion. And that I think Michael Bisping said it best, that I think Conor is going to come out the victim here and Khabib is going to have a very difficult time getting a visa, getting a green card. This is incredibly disappointing.

I can't believe we needed more security than we actually did. This place was packed with security, but the fact that his friends jumped into the cage and punched Conor in the face when Conor had no idea that that was going to happen, he wasn't even involved in that, the whole thing is extremely, extremely unfortunate. And it's a black eye on the sport.

- Well, the worst part about it for me as a champion is, as a champion, you are supposed to be revered by everybody. Everybody is supposed to look up to you. Everybody does look up to you. And when you do something like that, kids are watching. Families are watching, youngins.

And this is how we really want to be treating each other? This is how we want to act as professionals and champions? It's not how we want to be known in the UFC and it's not how I would ever want to be recognized as a champion. So it's sad to see something like that go down because it marks a beautiful thing that could have been and makes it ugly.

- But it shows that-- what Conor McGregor likes to do is provoke. He likes to talk trash. He likes to get people fired up. Khabib is a very respectful guy. He doesn't do any of that. And when it's done to him, he takes it extremely personal. He doesn't think of it as a show business. He thinks of this as honor.

He's a very religious man. This is very important to him that he has honor. And when someone disrespects him like that and insults him like that, he's not just going to stand there and take it. He doesn't care if he's the champion. He doesn't care if he loses his green card. He's going to do what he has to do.

And someone should have stopped him. Someone from his camp should've stopped him. I mean, and Dillon Danis should have shut his mouth too. The whole thing was ridiculous. The fight was over. He lost.

- So obviously, you guys were down there. You got the best seats in the house. You were right there. Something happened at the end of the third round. Do you know what Conor said to him? Because Khabib really lost his cool at the end of the third round.

He was screaming with his corner. They were arguing. They were trying to calm him down. That was the catalyst. That's what started it. What happened?

- Khabib was angry because Conor was grabbing Khabib's gloves. He was hooking against his gloves. He was doing it illegally. And Khabib said it to Herb Dean. He said he did it three times. That's what it was all about. That's why he was fired up.

- Speaking of conversation, did you hear the conversation between Dillon and Khabib? I think something provocative was said to him that made him jump the fence. Were you guys close enough to hear what he said?

- We couldn't hear what he said, but Dillon absolutely was insulting Khabib and saying something to him and provoking him. And then Khabib just jumped over the cage and attacked him. Just jumped into the crowd.

I couldn't believe my eyes while it was happening. I thought he was maybe going to get to the top of the cage and say F you or something. But when he went over the top and then into the crowd I was like, I can't believe this is happening.

- Dominick, I have a question for you here. Now we're sitting here theorizing, do you think that something like this could be a cause for an immediate rematch?

- I mean, I don't see why it could because now we don't even know if we're going to see Khabib back in the country. You don't know what's going to happen. Like Bisping said, this is criminal stuff that just went on. And what's going to pour into the streets?

The bottom line is this, people get bullied all over the world. Just because we're in a fight, just because there's a lot of emotion, that could have been seen as a way to take bullying and be a professional. And it went the opposite way. It poured out and it turned grimy and it turned ugly and it turned filthy. And that's not how it's supposed to be.

So it's unfortunate. That's the way it went. It's going to be interesting to see how it plays out from here.

- The fight was very clear. Khabib dominated the fight, won the fight by submission. There's no need for a rematch. The real question now is, does the UFC strip Khabib? Does the Nevada State Athletic Commission fine him and not allow him to compete again? Do they keep him from coming back to the country? Michael Bisping said it best. There are some real issues here legally.

- And I know Khabib is a principled man. I'm just surprised that he didn't have the intellect or the resolve or the just control, the self-control to not turn this into an absolute nightmare for him moving forward. But that will probably be the lasting image for a lot of people here tonight. We've got to step away, KB. Bisping, Wood, take it away.

- OK, great. Thanks so much guys for your insight.