Vicente Luque KO’s Jalin Turner | HIGHLIGHT | UFC 229

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Vicente Luque KO'd Jalin Turner in the first round on Saturday.

ANNOUNCER 1: Together combinations.

ANNOUNCER 2: Beautiful spinning elbow. Vicente catches him.

ANNOUNCER 1: Luque trying to close the [INTERPOSING VOICES]. Luque does it again. Incredible. He showed his toughness on another level tonight, ladies and gentlemen. That was incredible.

ANNOUNCER 2: So Vicente Luque has now finished all seven of his UFC victims. Add Jalin Turner to the list. A dark horse, maybe, no more. Vicente Luque is going to have a number next to his name before too long.

ANNOUNCER 1: And you talk about calm, cool, collected. Luque just showed it as well. I mean, Jalin coming in as a debuter. That's a lot of pressure for Luque with the streak that he's had in the UFC the type of performances. But to come and do this is incredible. That is the best Luque has ever looked, and that is an extremely tough opponent in Turner, whether it's a debut or not. I hope he recovers quickly and is OK. Those were some big shots on the ground he ate.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, and again, Vicente landed those shots in the middle of a heated exchange.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, let's take a look back at it. Our move of the Fight, sponsored by Metro PCS, now Metro by T-Mobile. Discover the smarter way to get unlimited, and see what's new on October 8.

ANNOUNCER 2: See, he eats the spinning kick-- excuse me, the spinning elbow. But lands a big punch on the counter, hurts him here, stuns him. Boom. And this one-- this one really flattens him out. And then one more for good measure. Let's see it again. The spinning elbow, but lands a beautiful counter right hand.

ANNOUNCER 1: I mean, that elbow--

ANNOUNCER 2: And he just takes him out.

ANNOUNCER 1: That elbow is beautiful, too. But over and over again, Luque ate the shot like nothing, and then fired something back. And that was the difference maker. He didn't get affected by the punches that landed. He just ate it and kept going, and that's some serious technique. Serious toughness.