Aspen Ladd TKO’s Tonya Evinger | HIGHLIGHT | UFC 229

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Ladd made quick work of Evinger, securing a first round TKO on Saturday.

ANNOUNCER 1: Less than two minutes to go in the round. Great hits by Ladd, she's very aggressive. But what I like most is that hand control. She just punches.


ANNOUNCER 1: That's looking bad right now. It's looking like they could stop it very soon here.

ANNOUNCER 2: Massive ground and pound. Strikes landing from Aspen Ladd.

ANNOUNCER 1: You can hear her.

ANNOUNCER 3: Get a microphone on that lady. She was screaming.

ANNOUNCER 1: She was going as hard as she absolutely could.

ANNOUNCER 3: That is a hugely impressive victory for Aspen Ladd. Not just beating Tonya Evinger, but absolute, total domination as soon as it went to the ground.

ANNOUNCER 2: And need we remind you that Tonya Evinger took Cris Cyborg into a third round last July. Aspen Ladd making quick work of the veteran Evinger here tonight. She said in the Lansberg fight she started too slow by her standards. Quick night at the office for Aspen Ladd tonight.

ANNOUNCER 1: She saved nothing this time. She was extremely aggressive, and that was just too much. Evinger wasn't ready for that type of aggression and the hand control in the grappling.

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ANNOUNCER 1: As we see here, ground and pound by Ladd was just incredible with this hand control on the opposite side. Just punching and punching to the temple of Evinger. Then she stays on the legs, is able to get the hooks in, take the back, go to mount, keep the hand control, throw both hooks in, flatten Evinger out, and then you could just hear her going nuts with the punches. Nonstop screaming and yelling as she's giving every ounce of power she could into each punch. She just mauls Evinger to get the finish.

ANNOUNCER 2: She puts a lot of faith in her coaches. Head coach Jim West's team MMA Gold. Her Muay Thai coach, Jake Douangdara. And she made weight this time around as well. She has put all her faith in the Lockhart-Leith team. And Aspen Ladd moving on up 7 and 0.