Scott Holtzman KO’s Alan Patrick with a series of vicious elbows | HIGHLIGHT | UFC 229

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Holtzman sent Patrick home with a third round KO on Saturday.

COMMENTATOR 1: He presses you, gets you to shoot.

My goodness. That's it.

COMMENTATOR 2: That's it. He's down.

COMMENTATOR 3: Wow. Scott Holtzman knocks out Alan Patrick with the elbow.

COMMENTATOR 1: That's some of the best push-off elbows I've seen in a long time.

COMMENTATOR 2: That is a strong dude. Strong dude.

COMMENTATOR 1: Tremendous.

COMMENTATOR 3: Well, this was the breakout performance that maybe had eluded Scott Holtzman. Huge victory for him here tonight. He cashes as an plus-215 underdog and ends the momentum of the Brazilian Alan Patrick. Wow.

COMMENTATOR 1: Really, really tremendous performance by Scott Holtzman. Man.

COMMENTATOR 3: All right, let's get you the move of the fight, lot to choose from here, sponsored by MetroPCS, now Metro by T-Mobile. Discover the smarter way to get unlimited and see what's new on October 8.

COMMENTATOR 1: And here we go. We see Patrick get dropped by Holtzman with a counter right hand that he's been seeing the entire fight. Right on the money. I mean, perfect countershot on the chin. Patrick just leaning too far over that lead leg, not setting up this power. And bam. Push the face, land the elbow. Push the face, land the elbow. And those are heavy. The first one landed perfectly. And then after that it was just terribly, terribly powerful elbows to the face.

COACH: Elbows. [INAUDIBLE] elbows.

COMMENTATOR 1: Listen to this.

COACH: [INAUDIBLE] elbows. [INAUDIBLE] elbows.




COMMENTATOR 1: Ooh, you can hear those go through the canvas floor. I mean those are serious elbows. I hope Alan Patrick is OK.

COMMENTATOR 3: Well, looks like he has regained consciousness. Alan Patrick is back to his feet. But Scott Holtzman with a big one tonight--