Tony Ferguson dares Anthony Pettis to target his knee | INTERVIEW | WEIGH-INS | UFC 229

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Megan Olivi caught up with Ton Ferguson at the ceremonial weigh-ins on Friday ahead of his co-main event fight against Anthony Pettis at UFC 229.

- Tony, the final time face to face with Anthony Pettis. Before you actually get to fight inside The Octagon, what did you take away from being on stage with him very close?

- The same thing I took with Kevin Lee. He thinks the fight is now. The fight is tomorrow. So he's very intense, he's got a huge ego, and I'm ready to crush it. I just can't wait.

HOST: Stylistically, what are you expecting from him inside The Octagon?

- Stylistically, he's going to try to do some jumping spin kicks. He's going to do a lot of flashy things. I saw him throwing some elbows, but he doesn't know how to throw elbows like I do. We're all elbows. My coach, my crew, Coach Billy, is one of the guys that's really been by my side and has made sure that my muy thai is always on point. My conditioning is on point. My mental, my physical, my emotional game is on point. But I'm saving it all for the heat for tomorrow.

HOST: What can we expect from your performance tomorrow, Tony? You always impress us with every outing.

TONY FERGUSON: I want to have fun. I want to test out my knee. I want him to kick it. I'm going to embrace him. I want you to go for my knee. Please go for my knee and try to finish me in one kick on the knee because if you can't do it you're going to piss me off. And what happens when you piss off [INAUDIBLE]?

HOST: Well, it's in for a long night if that's the case. Tony, what is your prediction for this fight?

TONY FERGUSON: I don't a prediction. I'm going to go out there; I'm going to make them quit just like I do everybody else. He didn't piss me off and he didn't step over my friend that I laid down in front of him. He shook my hand the other day and he shook it like a man, so I'm going to go out there and we're going to handle this like competitors. And we're going to go out there and we're gonna give the show-- the people exactly what they want, which is an incredible show.

- I can't wait for it. Best of luck to you, Tony. We appreciate your time.