Tyron Woodley and Michael Bisping break down the biggest fight in UFC history | WEIGH-INS | UFC 229

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Tyron Woodley and Michael Bisping tell Karyn Bryant and Megan Olivi what each fighter needs to do to win the fight and how hard it is to predict an outcome

- --not been a main event world title fight, and I can only imagine that the amount of media that I had to do would be multiplied by at least six if you're Khabib or you're Conor McGregor. So to go out there and put on a devastating performance like everybody's expecting you to, on top of cutting weight, on top of being in Las Vegas where you don't have all the healthy restaurants right at your side, you have to go out there, you have to do the press conferences, you have to sell the fight, you have to make people believe they have to watch this moment, this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and then you gotta fight on Saturday.

- And of course this fight kinda sells itself. Let's not forget what happened in Brooklyn, you know, turning over that dollie, throwing it through the bus window, getting arrested, all that type of stuff adds to the drama. The fight is gonna be incredible. You got Conor McGregor, one of the best strikers in the world, true knock-out power, one punch, finishes fights in the first round, taking on the best wrestler, I think, in the UFC. Would you agree that, Tyron?

- I would agree with it, not because of the technique. If he wrestles somebody in a wrestling match with a finite amount of time, he might not outwrestle Jordan Burroughs, but when it comes down to pressure, when it comes down to his attempts, he'll take 30 shots. If he gets five it's a wrap. He knows his best position is being on top. His ground and pound is vicious, he's almost impossible to get off once he's secured position, so he knows Conor McGregor has one shot. If he gets it, it's gonna be a short night.


- I keep changing my mind on how this fight's gonna go. One day I think Conor McGregor's gonna knock him out in the first round. The next day I think Khabib's gonna maul him, Khabib's gonna take him down and submit him in Round 3 or 4. It's just one of those fights, every day I change my mind. I don't know what I'm gonna pick tomorrow but someone is gonna get finished, I know that.