Karyn Bryant talks with Tony Ferguson after his open workout in Las Vegas | INTERVIEW | UFC TONIGHT

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Karyn Bryant talks with Tony Ferguson about his health and his opponent Anthony Pettis after his open workout on Wednesday.

- Obviously, I'm here with Tony Ferguson. I don't know if anybody is more excited to see you back than I am, but a lot of us are afraid it's too soon. How'd you pull off this recovery so quickly?

- I listened to my doctors, had multiple surgeries, and just paid attention to my diet. Plain and simple.

- How hard was it for you, though, to have this past situation go on, where you've had a year you haven't been able to fight, and we know that you are a champion , and you just want thrown down?

- When you start to smell the roses, eventually you cut them. So I didn't pay attention to everything else that was around the outside world. I kept my circle small, and like I said, I paid attention to the smaller details which got me here faster.

KARYN BRYANT: So you do now have a scrap, obviously, with a former champion, Anthony Pettis. Where do you see the dangers in that match-up?

TONY FERGUSON: He's a game opponent. He's Mr. Kick off the Cage, but I'm Mr. Superman-- off the punch, off the cage. So it's gonna be a clash of the titans in there, man, and I'm coming out victorious with my hand raised, like everything else. TKO finish.

KARYN BRYANT: Yeah. I think a lot of people find similarities in both of you in the way that you fight. You're both so creative in there. Is it just a question of who's gonna be able to capitalize on an opening?

TONY FERGUSON: He's got an ego. I don't. So we're gonna capitalize on that one.

KARYN BRYANT: So, you know, the comeback story, obviously people are thinking that you are on the same card as Khabib and Conor, that there could be a potential for you to slide in if somebody missed weight. Was that part of the plan in hurrying up the recovery?

- Abso-[BLEEP]-lutely. I mean, I hate to swear on TV, but that was the process. You can't keep a brown man down and put me in the back, man. I'm here to stand up tall.

KARYN BRYANT: Who would you prefer to fight, Conor or Khabib?

- I don't even give a [BLEEP]. The one of them-- they don't want to speak my name. They don't call out El Cucuy, because when you do that, [INAUDIBLE].

KARYN BRYANT: All right. Well, listen. I know you have a dog named D'arce. You've gotten to most of them in the UFC. Are you expecting to land another one tomorrow? On Saturday night, rather?

TONY FERGUSON: You know what? You can prepare for everything. It was just like that quote from "Tommy Boy." You can-- what was it? It was like, you can get a good look at a T-bone steak by sticking your head up a bull's ass, but wouldn't you take the butcher's word for it? I'm gonna take your word for it. If you're looking for a D'arce, I'm not gonna be looking for it. I'm gonna be looking for something different.

I haven't TKO-finished anyone in a long time. I'm gonna use my hands in there. I'm gonna utilize a lot of templin jujitsu and a lot of SnapJitsu. We're gonna put in there, and we're gonna [BLEEP] finish this guy in style.

KARYN BRYANT: Awesome. My favorite part of Tommy Boy is, Luke, I'm your father, looking into the fan. But that's just me, Tony.

- Fat guy in a little coat. All my clothes don't fit. Like, seriously, I'm on weight right now. I'm ready to make championship weight. I'm ready for that belt. So you call me up, I'm gonna be right there. But Anthony Pettis, you got a problem, kid.

- All right, Tony. Thanks for talking with us. Great to see you back.

- Thank you.